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Build Next Level Games with NFT Blockchain.

We are a team of professional developers and designers who have been developing games and apps. Our team has published hundreds of games and apps to both apple and android stores. When it comes down to technical and aesthetic skills, we are unmatched.

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We are a dynamic company and we excel at many things.

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Game Publishing
We design and publish our own games. Our games have accumulated download of over 400+ Mill.
Mobile Apps
We design and develop dynamic and scaleable mobile apps for every type of need. Our dedicated app design team is one of the best.
NFT/Blockchain/Smart Contracts
Adapting to the newest tech in the world, we are gearing up to create/deploy our NFTs in the market.
Outsourcing IT Services
We provide our proven game development and design skills to the market. Connect with us to know more about it.
Formula Car Racing: Car Games

Top speed formula car racing games is an astonishing idea in the world of car driving games where you are going to compete your rivals.

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Crazy Car Stunts: Car Games

Let’s get behind the wheel, to start the crazy car driving simulator presented by Golden Guns Studio on free impossible car stunts game with multiple latest free car games.

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Tank Robot Game Robot Showdown

Enjoy action packed Robot that trnasform in a Tank or Helicopter to take on enemies.

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PlayStore's Top Performing Game by Brilliant Gamez Studio

We offer free to play games on android with different of gameplay. Download now and enjoy!
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Shape the Future of Game Development in Pakistan

Our vision is simple, provide a place where people can come to create wonders. We are here to enable people to bring their dreams to life. If you are a gamer and a dreamer and you know you will put your blood&sweat in it, Brilliant Gamez is a place for you!

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Brilliant Gamez we work like a family and we invite everyone to be part of it. Even if you are starting your career in Game Development, Game Design, Game Art, Mobile App or any related field. You can apply to join our team.
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